Notice from Administrators

Petropavlovsk plc is in administration. Please see below for updates from the Administrators.

Contact Details

Press: Please email
Creditors: Please email
Shareholders: Please email


In an Administration, the following reports and notices are generally issued:


Approximate timescale
(from commencement of Administration)

Notice of Appointment

1 week

Statement of Proposals (within 8 weeks)

4 weeks

Notice of Creditors’ Decision or of Deemed
Approval of the Proposals

7 weeks

Progress Report

7 months

Request for an Extension to the Administration
(where necessary)

11 months

Notice of Extension of Period of Administration
(where granted)

12 months

Final Progress Report
(where no extension has been granted)

12 months

Progress Reports
(where an extension has been granted)

13 and 19 months

Final Progress Report
(unless a further extension is granted by the court)          

24 months


Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs (13 September 2022)


Announcements and publications from the Administrators



Court documents (other than exhibits)



Exhibits to witness statements


Please refer to the Administrators’ announcement dated 19 August 2022 and to the fifth witness statement of Allister Manson dated 17 August 2022 for details.