Health and safety update

At the current time, a small number of Petropavlovsk employees, predominantly in the Far East, tested positive for COVID-19.

There have been very few cases registered in the Amur region which is a sparsely populated area roughly equivalent to half the size of France.

Petropavlovsk’s mining operations and POX Hub are naturally isolated and away from population centres, and the Group has implemented measures in each operating jurisdiction to meet Government guidelines which are appropriate to the specific needs of each location, including its head offices.

High-level management actions taken include:

  • An emergency response team has been formed to limit the spread COVID-19 at the Group’s Companies. Members of the response team will work in co-operation with local authorities, when and if, required;
  • The response team includes representatives from each of the Group’s businesses in Russia, and coordinators have been appointed at each location who are responsible for preventative and counteractive measures; and
  • Group business travel has been restricted and the Company’s Moscow and London offices have been closed until further notice, with written permission required to enter buildings.

Employee and community actions taken include:

  • Strict precautionary procedures in place at all production sites;
  • Mine shift pattern adjustments to lower frequency of new teams arriving onsite;
  • Employees and contractors must undertake 14 days quarantine upon arrival from other regions;
  • At least two rounds of COVID-19 testing for all employees (1) upon arrival to site for quarantine (2) prior to start of each shift, with additional testing carried out if required;
  • Daily check of staff temperature at start of each shift;
  • Designated quarantine zones house individuals showing any flu symptoms;
  • Restricted contact between employees not connected by common production process at the mines and during shift changes;
  • All transport, public places (e.g. dining areas, kitchens), utensils and food undergoes thorough disinfection and cleaning;
  • Purchase and distribution of PPE and disinfectants;
  • Raising awareness on symptoms, prevention and personal precaution measures;
  • Local community support with distribution of masks and hand sanitiser among local businesses; and
  • The company is actively encouraging and assisting its employees to participate in the Russian government’s free vaccination programme, including raising awareness of the programme, offering financial and other incentives, and working with local medical institutions to organise on-site vaccination days.