The Petropavlovsk Foundation was established in 2010 to support the Group in promoting development in the Russian Far East, with particular focus on the Amur region. The Foundation aims to provide local communities with social, economic and cultural opportunities, improving quality of life and encouraging investment in the region. It works closely with regional stakeholders, from federal groups to small businesses.

The Foundation supports a range of causes that fall beneath its five areas of strategic investment:

  • Education
  • Future Generations (Child Development)
  • Research and Development
  • Culture
  • Quality of Life
  • Sport.

In 2015, the project received funding from both the Ministry of Culture and the Russian Geographical Society, along with a certificate presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who chairs the Society’s Board of Trustees. In 2016, the Foundation received funding from the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation for a sociological research project into wellbeing in the Amur region. The results contributed to important work on demographic policy in the Russian Far East. Alongside this it continued to make significant progress with its Albazino archaeological project, which became a finalist for the national Crystal Globe award.