The health and safety of its workforce is a top priority for Petropavlovsk. The Group is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its health and safety performance to ensure a safe working environment.

The Group is committed to full compliance with Russian labour legislation; the most significant of which is the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and Federal law ‘On Industrial Safety at Hazardous Production Facilities’. In line with the Russian Labour Code, regular reviews of labour protection in the workplace are conducted. These standards, rules and regulations include:

  • State standards for safety systems at work;
  • State rules for sanitary-epidemiological standards;
  • Integrated safety rules;
  • Rules for installation and safe operation of machinery; and
  • Regulations for protection at work.

The Group is implementing risk management strategies based on data collection and sound science to reduce the number of Lost time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) and accidents. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks are identified, reviewed and evaluated to mitigate their impact. All accidents are recorded and reported to the Executive Committee and Board. All serious accidents are investigated and reviewed with appropriate measures taken to prevent reoccurrence.  A Board level Safety, Sustainability & Workforce Committee meets regularly and one of their duties is to assess and evaluate OHS management systems.

Government Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) auditors make regular visits to the Group’s operations to conduct rigorous safety inspections and to request compliance information. Their findings are documented and submitted to the Executive Committee. The Group also carries out regular internal audits with the aim of constant improvement and cultural growth.

Petropavlovsk carries out regular campaigns to raise health and safety awareness and develop a strong safety culture within the Group.

Our most significant goal is to keep the level of health and safety awareness to the utmost standard by constantly drawing attention to the health and safety matters through the reinforcement of the safety procedures, addressing management and employees at all levels and ensuring that everyone is involved.

Fundamental safety rules

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Fundamental safety rules

Our Policies

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Group Health and Safety policies

Special Assessment of working conditions

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