The Group employs c.500 specialists across a network of laboratories:

  • A central laboratory based in Blagoveshchensk, focused on providing integrated support to the Group’s exploration works
  • A central laboratory based in the village of Tygda near the Pokrovskiy mine
  • A laboratory at Malomir
  • A laboratory at Tokur
  • A laboratory at Albyn.

We also have access to laboratory facilities through Irgiredmet, also known as the Irkutsk Research Institute of Precious and Rare Metals and Diamonds, acquired by the Group in 2006.

All laboratories are accredited to national and international standards. The central laboratory is included in the list of approved arbitration laboratories (GKZ), and is recommended for conducting geological control of Russian enterprises.

The Petropavlovsk laboratory network has the ability to analyse 69,500 samples a month.