Current Issued Share Capital:

3,958,751,735 ordinary shares

Current Voting Rights: 3,958,751,735

Provision of Share Register Analysis Services 

Richard Davies Investor Relations Limited (Company Number 04557486), part of Equiniti Group PLC (Company Number 07090427), is authorised by Petropavlovsk PLC (the Company), to act as its agent in relation to the provision of share register analysis and related services.

Authority to Obtain Information Regarding Ownership of Petropavlovsk PLC 

In relation to the above, the Company has appointed Richard Davies Investor Relations Limited as agent to exercise the powers under section 793 of the UK Companies Act 2006 on its behalf and in the name of the Company, to direct any person(s) whom it knows or has reasonable cause to believe, to be interested in the voting shares of the Company, to make the disclosure required under section 793.