Petropavlovsk’s key area of focus is the Amur region in the Russian Far East where it has operated since 1994 and which benefits from well-developed infrastructure, access to hydroelectric power and a strong mining tradition.

The Group’s operational assets include three mines; Pioneer, Albyn and Malomir as well as known satellite deposits and the Pressure Oxidation (“POX”) Hub, a technologically-advanced plant designed to process refractory gold ores.  Mining is principally undertaken as open-pit, although smaller underground mining operations exist at Pioneer and Malomir to extract deeper higher-grade ore.

Ores that are amenable to direct cyanidation are processed at on-site resin-in-pulp (“RIP”) plants located at each of the three mines.  Refractory ores found at Pioneer and Malomir require two additional treatment stages, including flotation and then pressure oxidation.  A 3.6Mtpa flotation plant is operational at Malomir and a similar plant was launched at Pioneer on 31 May 2021.

Video on the launch of the Pioneer flotation plant

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